How to Sign In Automatically to Google Analytics

Google Analytics Landing Page

Not again. Google Analytics' gag-worthy landing page.

This is certainly a minor annoyance, but a significant one nonetheless, as it is a minor annoyance often encountered multiple times daily: every time you navigate to Google Analytics (via the url or, you land on the hype-heavy Analytics splash screen rather than your Analytics control panel. This is true even if you’re already logged into your Google account. In fact, if you are logged in already, clicking the “Sign In” link on the upper right sensibly brings you directly to your list of web properties without the need to supply your credentials again.

But why the need for the extra click? Why aren’t I brought directly to my analytics if I’m already logged in? Perhaps this is some obscure security feature, although I doubt it, as Google should be capable of slicker solutions for such workflow hangups. More likely Google would rather force you to regularly view the marketing hype on the landing page, and expose you to the availability of the Google Analytics Premium paid service.

Whatever the reason, it sure is mildly annoying, every time. Here’s the workaround: remember or bookmark the url If you’re logged into your Google account, this will take you directly to your list of web properties, from which you’re only one or two more clicks away from your delicious, delicious data.

Nothing earth-shattering, but it might save you those few seconds daily would be better spent pruning your bonsai garden.

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