8 Inspiring Showcases of iPhone & iPad Design

iPhone and iPad design inspiration: showcases and galleries

I recently was required to design a site specifically optimized for the iPhone, a task which I’ve admittedly never had occasion to attempt before.  I quickly realized this: it’s one thing to simply adapt a standard web design to the tiny mobile LCD screen… and another thing entirely to incorporate the many design patterns that have been proven successful for making the most of a mobile device, like the iPhone or iPad.

One of the best ways to come up with a great design, of course, is to borrow elements from other great designs.  And well before I start to read other people’s prescriptions for what makes a great design, I like to examine the designs of others and decide for myself what works and what doesn’t.

Here, for your evaluation, are a number of useful collections of app design, website design, and icon design for iOS devices, both iPhone and iPad.  Yes, a gallery of galleries, how meta.

CSSiPhone features a wide range of iPhone-optimized web designs: from personal blogs, to portfolios, to large scale web apps.

iOSpirations features different sections for app and game design on the iPad and iPhones, iPhone web design, as well as app sites.

iOS Inspires Me features galleries of icons, interfaces, and website designs for the iPhone and iPad.  It also has a collection of useful resources for iOS designers.

TapFancy is a gallery of only iPhone app designs–and pretty nice ones–but it hasn’t been updated in a while.

Other good resources include:

And for those designing a website to market an iPhone app:

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